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Norovirus: visiting restrictions for children under 12

To help protect our patients from the spread of Norovirus and to reduce the risk of bed closures as a result of this infection  we are encouraging parents not to bring their children (under 12 years) to the hospital in March.

Road works on Robinson Way 11-15 March

Robinson Way, the main ring road round the campus, will be reduced to a single lane along two stretches to allow for resurfacing.

Addenbrooke’s nurses showcase work at Florence Nightingale conference

Three Addenbrooke's nurses have had their posters accepted at next week's Florence Nightingale Foundation annual conference.

Head of Audiology is Visiting Professor at University of Toronto

Dr David Baguley, head of audiology has been honoured as a Visiting Professor at the University of Toronto.

Children to have say in clinical research

For the first time children will be given the power to make decisions in the running of a clinical research facility.


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Healthcare assistant information and screening sessions

See your future with us as a healthcare assistant …


Book now for an information and screening session...


We are currently recruiting motivated and enthusiastic Healthcare Assistants for a variety of areas across the Trust. Our information and screening sessions will introduce you to the role and responsibilities of working as a HCA and also provide information about the different opportunities available.


As the HCA role requires you to be able to communicate effectively with patients, visitors, and other staff, as well as being able understand and record patient data and notes; it is important that you have a good level of English literacy and numeracy skills. Therefore, before applying for a HCA position you will be required to pass simple literacy and numeracy screening. 


To read more about the role of a healthcare assistant see:

> Healthcare assistants

> Healthcare assistants - frequently asked questions



Book an information and screening session:


* Telephone number:
* E-mail address:


* Please select a date from the drop down list:



Once we have received your booking, we will contact you to confirm your place.



What happens next?

  • If your literacy and numeracy screening is successful, you will be given a letter containing a certificate code.

  • When applying online for an HCA position, you will be asked to confirm that you have attended an Information and Screening session to enter your certificate code.

  • When completing a paper application form you will be asked to enter this code onto your HCA application form.

  • We look forward to receiving your completed application form


What happens if my literacy and numeracy skills are less than the required standard?

  • Don’t worry if you fail your literacy and numeracy screening as you will be provided with advice and support on how to improve your skills and assist you in successfully passing the screening at a later date.

  • We will be happy to book you in for another Information and Screening session when you feel that your literacy and numeracy skills are at the required level


What happens if I have any special requirements?

  • If you are already working for the Trust as a HCA and wish to apply for another HCA position, please email or telephone 01223 274 754. 

    You will not necessarily be required to attend an Information and Screening session.

  • If you have successfully passed literacy and numeracy screening with the Trust in the past, please email or telephone 01223 274 754 for a certification code.

  • If you are genuinely unable to attend any of the sessions listed above, we may be able to offer you an alternative date/time.  Please email or telephone 01223 274 754 to discuss.

  • If you have any special requirements related to sight, hearing or mobility/access, please notify us at the time of booking.
    If you wish to discuss this further please email or telephone 01223 274 754.




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