Volunteers needed for study into body fat

07 March 2011

Volunteers interested in finding out how much of their body is fat are invited to sign up for a new research study into metabolism and body composition.


The study is open to healthy people aged between 17 and 65 and aims to build up a pool of data around energy expenditure and body fat. People who sign up will:

Volunteer in the BODPOD

The BODPOD looks at

body composition

  • have a variety of measurements taken (including body composition and fitness level);
  • need to stay for one or two nights in a calorimeter (a temperature controlled room which measures the gases breathed in and out)
  • undergo a basal metabolic rate measurement in the morning
  • give a blood and urine sample
  • have an MRI scan

The trial will not test any experimental treatments or procedures. All meals will be provided and volunteers will be compensated for their time. They will also receive a report giving images from their DXA scan and information on their fitness levels and basal metabolic rate.
The study will take place in the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility. Anyone who would like to find out more should call 01223 596077 or email crf-volunteer@medschl.cam.ac.uk



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