Addenbrooke’s patient chosen to

carry Olympic torch

28 June 2012

Robyn Joly

Robyn Joly, Olympic torch bearer

Robyn Joly, from March, was chosen to carry an Olympic torch. Robyn, who is a long term mouth cancer patient in Addenbrooke’s, wants to raise awareness about this rare form of cancer. Robyn will be carrying the torch for 500 metres in Peterborough on 4th July at 7:49am.


Robyn’s husband Craig has nominated her for this honour as he thinks Robyn is a great example of how people with cancer can carry on with their lives. He said: “Robyn has lived with cancer for more than 18 years, but she doesn’t think of herself as special. She helps other people with the condition, attends the support group in which the members share experiences and exchange ideas for coping with difficulties encountered during treatment and within their lives. I’m very proud of her.”


Robyn also is a patient representative for the West Anglia Cancer Network Clinical Trials and hopes to encourage more research into Head & Neck cancer treatment.


Robyn is very energetic, and likes different activities, such as travelling, meeting people, walking to keep fit and is an avid reader. She also has completed 6 years BA (Hons) Humanities with Classical Studies at the Open University which she really enjoyed.


When asked what message she wants to promote with this event, Robyn said: “I just want to raise awareness about this rare condition and encourage people to take part in head and neck cancer research.”












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