Rearrange or cancel clinic appointment

at Addenbrooke's

We can't treat an empty chair


We can't treat an empty chair

Every year at Addenbrooke's thousands of people fail to keep their appointments. If we have no warning, we can't give the slot to someone else who really wants it.


This really matters to us. It is costly for the hospital and wastes staff time and resources. Most of all it impacts on the length of time others have to wait for their appointments.


If you cannot make your appointment, no longer need it or want to rearrange it please let us know.


Change your appointment

If you can't come to a clinic (outpatient) appointment at Addenbrooke's, Rosie, Newmarket or Saffron Waldon for any reason you can do one of the following:

  • phone the clinic number on your appointment card between 0900 and 1630. Please have your appointment letter or card to hand as you will be asked for your hospital number

  • complete the cancellation section on your appointment letter and return it to us

  • use the online form below


Please complete all required fields

Please use this form to contact us to:

  • alter about your own appointment at Addenbrooke's, Rosie, Newmarket or Saffron Walden Outpatients

  • on behalf of someone else (e.g. a child or next of kin)

  • to cancel private appointments if they are held at Addenbrooke's or the Rosie


The information you will need is on your appointment card or letter:


* Required information


About the person who has the appointment:

* Name: as on the appointment card/letter:

NHS number:
NHS or Addenbrooke's hospital number

(Optional - but very helpful)

* Date of birth
(day, month, year)


About the appointment:

(please check a box)



Saffron Walden Outpatients

Newmarket Outpatients

Arbury (Rheumatology only)

I am not sure...



Clinic name/ number
e.g. Clinic 1, Breast Unit, Oncology, etc

Department/Specialty and consultant (if known)
e.g. cardiology, oncology, Dr Jones...

* Date of appointment


* Time of appointment

Patient transport has been booked already for this appointment

About contacting you:

Full address:
* Daytime phone number:

including the area code.

Email address:
I am contacting you on behalf of the person named on the appointment card/letter
Your name and relationship with the person named above
if you are not the person named above

Your request or message

Please contact me about my appointment - I wish to rearrange it or ask you about it.


I prefer:

by phone
(I have included my daytime phone number above)
by e-mail
(I have included my e-mail address above)
by post
(I have included my full postal address above)
I wish to cancel the appointment completely and do not require a replacement to be made.

I understand that if you cancel this appointment for me, I will be taken off this waiting list. If I have ticked the box above for patient transport, I understand this will be cancelled for me. I understand that if I later change my mind that I will need to return to see my GP for a new referral.


Any other message (you can use this to change your contact details or explain why you want to change the appointment):


This form sends information to a hospital e-mail address. We will always treat the information you send us with the strictest confidence and will not pass any information on to third parties. If you feel concerned about the security of the world wide web, please use another form of contact to change your appointment.



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Hospital transport:

Please check with your GP if you are entitled to transport. If you are entitled to claim travelling expenses please bring evidence of the benefits you are claiming.




Open 0900-1730 hrs on weekdays. If you are exempt from prescription charges, please bring your exemption card or DSS authorisation.



Outpatient Coffee shop:

Run by the WRVS is open from
0900-1700 hrs on weekdays



Concerns, comments and complaints

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care or the service you receive in your Addenbrooke's outpatient clinic, please speak to a member of clinic staff as soon as possible.

If you feel they cannot help you, or you are not comfortable talking to them, contact the Patient Information and Liaison Service (PALS)