Clinic 12 - Gastroenterology, Neurosciences, Infectious Medicine, Hepatology, Renal

Outpatients at Addenbrooke's

Box: 49

New appointments: 01223 274 593

Return appointments: 01223 217 452

Finding Clinic 12


From the Outpatients entrance: go through the Outpatients reception area. Turn right onto the main corridor leading to the hospital concourse. When you reach the first set of stairs/lift on the left hand side, go up to the third floor. On the third floor landing, turn right onto the long corridor. Walk past Clinic 3 on your left and toilets on your right. Clinic 12 is located a short way down the corridor on your right hand side.





Departmental Fax: 01223 216416




Dr Ewen Cameron: Endoscopy, Bowel Cancer Screening, General Gastroenterology
Dr R C Fitzgerald: Barrett's oesophagus & Oncology
Dr Young-Mee Lee: PepticĀ  Ulcer Disease, Bowel Cancer Screening, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and General Gastroenterology
Dr S J Middleton: Irritable Bowel Disease, Intestinal Transplant, Motility, Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
Dr M Parkes: Crohn's and Ulcerative Collitis

Dr J M Woodward: Nutrition, Coeliac Disease, Intestinal Transplant



Infectious Medicine




Dr A J Carmichael

Dr E Gkrania-Klotsas: SpR Infectious Diseases

Professor P J Lehner

Professor A M L Lever: Infectious disease in immunocompetent and immunocompromised







Dr G J M Alexander: General medicine

Dr M E D Allison: General medicine

Dr A E S Gimson: General medicine

Dr William Griffiths: Metabolic liver disease


Renal Medicine (Nephrology)


Departmental Fax: 01223 586506





Dr J R Bradley: General/Renal medicine

Dr A N Chaudhry: Renal Medicine & Vasculitis

Dr J D Firth: Renal Medicine

Dr D R W Jayne: Vasculitis and Renal Medicine 

Prof F E Karet: Renal Genetics & Tubular Disorders

Dr N R Pritchard: Renal Medicine/Dialysis

Prof K G C Smith: Lupus

Dr Paul Williams: Dialysis

Dr Smita Gunda: Renal medicine







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