Clinic 4a - Urology

Outpatients at Addenbrooke's

Box: 43

Reception/appointments: 01223 216575

Fax: 01223 216573

Finding Clinic 4a


From the Outpatients entrance: go through the Outpatients reception area. Turn right onto the main corridor leading to the hospital concourse. When you reach the stairs/lift on the left hand side go up to the third floor. At the top of the stiars turn right into Clinic 4. Walk past the Clinic 4 reception. CLinic 4a is at the end of the corridor.




Mr T Aho: Laser prostate and stone surgery, endourology and

laparoscopic surgery

Mr K N Bullock: Endourology, andrology, stones

Mr A Doble: Prostrate & kidney cancer, (Nepron-sparing surgery),

urethroplasty, chronic pelvic pain

Dr J D G Kelly: Uro-oncology

Mr J McLaughlin Urological oncology

Mr V Nath: General urology

Professor D E Neal: Complex urological oncology

Mr B Panchal: General Urology

Mr N C Shah Endourology, stone disease, laparoscopy

Mr W H Turner: General urology, haematuria & bladder cancer,

urodynamics, neurourology and reconstructive urology, and female urology

Mr O Wiseman: Stones, and general urology




























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