Wards at Addenbrooke's

Ward: C7

Box: 11

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Hills Road,




Enquiries: 01223 217 300


Ward C7 is a 33 bedded general surgical ward. Its main specialty is gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary surgery. We are a regional unit treating patients from across the country. The ward is split into three nursing teams, headed by a ward manager. The teams consist of registered nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants and ward clerks.


Whether you are here for a day or a number of weeks, we want you and your family to feel well informed and understand what is happening. We hope you will not hesitate to ask for as much information and advice as you require about any aspect of your care here on C7.


Finding C7

From the main hospital entrance: through the main entrance take a turn left and head towards the concourse. Then turn left and walk past the hairdressers. You will see sign posts for C and D wards. Take the lift to level 7. When you exit the lift turn left, then left again and C7 will be in front of you.


For security, there is an intercom at the ward door.


If you are visiting a patient who is likely to be hospitalised for two weeks or more, you can get a discounted parking ticket from the main reception. This allows you to exit from the car parks for 14 consecutive days from the day you validate the ticket.


> Finding us - Parking ticket discounts



All staff members on C7 are happy to help with any enquires you may have. There is a notice board with photographs and the names of all the staff on C7.


General information about coming to the ward

Please can you limit the amount of personal belongings you have with you during your stay on the ward. This helps with space restrictions and infection control measures. Please arrange for surplus belongings to be taken home regularly.


Please bring all your own regular medications in with you.


On your arrival:

When you arrive on ward C7 please report to the ward reception area and inform the ward clerk of your arrival. A nurse will then show you to the waiting area or your bed area. You will be given some time to settle in before a registered nurse formally admits you to the ward.


Visiting hours:

Visiting times are strictly between 1500 and 2000 hours. If you would like visitors outside of these times you must speak to the nurse in charge. Patient’s have a strict rest period between 1400 and 1500.


Only two visitors are allowed at any one time. If you would like to bring children under the age of ten to visit, please speak to the nurse in charge.


When you have visitors, please be considerate of other patients, who may be feeling very unwell; a lot of noise or commotion may prevent them from resting.


We do stress that if a visitor has had a recent illness or infectious disease (including colds) it is best to avoid visiting. If visitors have been exposed to chicken pox they must not visit. This is due to many of our patients being susceptible to infections.


Flowers are only allowed if they are in an oasis. Please only bring essential items with you, as there is a limited amount of storage space.

To help us prevent the spread of any infections, please ask visitors to use the hand rub at the entrance to the ward on arrival and on leaving.


Food and drink:

Meal times are protected from visiting.Meal times are served at the following times:

  • Breakfast: 0800 hours (cereals and toast)
  • Lunch: 1200 hours (cooked meal)
  • Dinner: 1800 hours (sandwiches, light meal)

If you miss a meal please ask a member of staff. We may be able to order from the “missed meals" service (within hours)


You may bring food in to be kept in the kitchen, provided it is labelled and dated. Please do not bring meals prepared at home.


Tea is served mid morning, afternoon and in the evening.


If you are on a special diet or therapeutic diet, the ward staff will contact our hospital dietician to arrange this for you. The dietician will also be available Monday–Friday to provide specialist information regarding your diet.


Ward facilities

  • The ward has three showers and one bathroom allocated as male only. There are two showers and one bathroom allocated as female only.
  • Toilets are located in each bay and two of the side rooms.
  • Post is delivered twice a day. Cards correctly addressed to you will be delivered to your bedside.
  • There is a vending machine for Hospedia cards on level 2. There is also a vending machine for tea and coffee for visitors.

Clothing and laundry

We encourage patients to wear daytime clothes when they feel able. We do not, however, have facilities to launder your clothes routinely. It is very helpful if relatives can take responsibility for this.


Drug rounds

Please try not to interrupt the nursing staff while they are doing the 'drug round' or checking medicines.


Doctor's ward rounds

You'll be looked after by a team of doctors led by a consultant.

On certain days the whole team will see you during what's known as the 'consultant ward round' and you'll have daily visits from at least one member of the team.


Please note you may not see your consultant everyday.
These visits aren't just for them to tell you things - they're an opportunity for you to tell them how you're feeling and ask any questions you may have.


Whenever a healthcare professional comes to see you during your stay, they should explain what they're doing or plan to do. If they don't - or you don't understand what they've said - don't be afraid to ask them to explain.


Many hospitals train student doctors on the rounds. If at any time you'd prefer they weren't present during your examination, let one of the nurses or doctors know.


End of your stay with us

Your staff will let you know in advance when you are likely to be discharged from the ward and will discuss this with you. It is your responsibility to make your own arrangements for transport home.


You will be given a supply of your medication your hospital doctor has prescribed and possibly a list to pass on to your GP.


The hospital doctors may want to see you in their outpatient clinic at a later date.





Visiting hours for C7:

1500 – 2000


Patient’s have a strict rest period between 1400 and 1500.