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The genetics laboratories offer cytogenetic (chromosome) and molecular genetic (DNA) analysis.


The laboratories are located within purpose built facilities (built 2007), and are rapidly expanding with more than 40 staff consisting of clinical scientists, biomedical scientists, pre-registration scientists, genetic technologists and administration staff.

BBC coverage of regional genetics service

BBC Look East has been given rare access to the regional genetic service which can test if a person is more likely to inherit a disease.

Next generation sequencing

We have introduced a number of next generation sequencing tests, and are developing additional tests to significantly increase the number of patients who can benefit from this technology.

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Services and tests available

Full details of all tests offered, costs and reporting times

Sample requirements and test request card

How to label your samples and complete the paperwork

Private patients

We welcome testing for patients outside of the UK and National Health Service

DNA extraction and sequencing service

Additional services are available for clinical and research groups



Latest news


New tests

Recessive distal renal tubular acidoses


Tests currently under development

Details of tests that will be available soon.


Laboratories opening hours:


0830 to 1730 (Monday - Friday)


Contact cytogenetics:

Tel: 01223 348 711

Fax: 01223 348 712

Contact molecular genetics:

Tel: 01223 348 866

Fax: 01223 348 870


Please note: we do not report results via the telephone.



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Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK)
Reference no: 1275


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