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John Farman Intensive Care Unit



Donations to the John Farman ICU are always very gratefully received, and the money raised in this way is spent in five main ways:

  • Buying extra pieces of equipment for patients;

  • Maintaining and improving facilities for visitors;

  • Supporting educational activities for members of staff;

  • Supporting research and development studies in the Unit;

  • For leisure activities for members of staff.

You can make a donation either directly to the nurse-in-charge or by sending it to the Manager of the John Farman ICU at the following address:

Miss Siobhan Sykes
Senior Clinical Nurse

John Farman Intensive Care Unit

Box 17

Addenbrooke's Hospital

Hills Road



Please make cheques payable to: The JVF ICU Charity Fund


Please let us know if you would like your donation to be spent in a specific way. Your donation will be acknowledged with a letter and a receipt.


Alternatively, donations can be made to ACT, which raises money for projects across the entire hospital.





Recent acquisitions that were made possible by donated funds


End-tidal carbon dioxide monitor (Patient equipment)

This piece of equipment measures the concentration of carbon dioxide in the breath that is exhaled by the patient. It allows us to make sure that the breathing tube is in the right place and allows us to make adjustments to the ventilator without having to take blood.


Fluid warmer (Patient equipment)

This allows us to rapidly give large volumes of fluid or blood at body temperature.


Patient chairs (Patient comfort)

We now have chairs for patients who are recovering, which allow them to sit out of bed comfortably.

Travel bursary to Australia (Educational)

Funds were made available to allow a member of the nursing staff to travel to the World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine in Sydney, in October 2001, to present some research done at the John Farman ICU.

Four places at the Royal College of Nursing Critical Care conference (Educational)

Funds were made available to allow four members of the nursing staff to attend the RCN Critical Care conference in June 2001.

Microwave oven (Leisure)

For the staff rest room.




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