Dietetics services

The neurology and neurosurgical dietitians work with patients within the A block. The neurological effects of brain injury can have significant complications on nutritional status and oral intake. Patients are at risk of becoming undernourished as a result of increased protein and energy requirements and difficulties eating and drinking. It is believed that early nutritional input may improve survival and preserve physical strength for rehabilitation.


Our role on the wards

All patients admitted to hospital are screened for malnutrition and those at risk are referred to the dietitian for nutritional support.


The aims of nutritional management in neurology and neurosurgical patients are to:

  • Achieve and maintain an ideal body weight
  • Reduce muscle wasting
  • Meet daily requirements of all nutrients

Nutritional supplements may be provided where intake is low, and sometimes patients may need to be tube fed or receive diets of different textures to ensure eating and drinking is safe.. 
Patients receiving nutritional support whilst they are in hospital will be followed up after discharge to review their progress.


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