SHAC - Sexual Health Advice Centre

Addenbrooke's services

Box: 38

For appointments and/or advice: 01223 217 774


This service is for young people, 19 and under. There is a drop-in service on Mondays (12.00-2.00).


  • This is a completely confidential service.

  • Even if you are under 16, doctors and nurses still have to keep anything you tell them private.

  • We will not discuss any information about you with anyone else, unless you ask us to do so, except in very exceptional circumstances; e.g if your or any other person's safety is at risk.

  • In these exceptional circumstances you will be kept fully informed.

You can speak to the SHAC nurse on the phone Monday to Friday.



Finding SHAC



SHAC is located in Clinic 1a.

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Telephone SHAC for advice

Lines open Mondays to Friday: 0900 to 1630 hrs


Tel: 01223 217 774


There is a drop-in service for young people (19 and under) on Mondays (12.00-14.00).



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