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Board of directors

The Board provide leadership for Cambridge University Hospitals. They are responsible for how the Trust delivers the best care for patients, is efficiently managed, accountable for the budget and has a clear strategic vision for future development.

The Board includes full-time executive directors who oversee the day-to-day running of the Trust, and non-executive directors (NEDs) who bring with them a blend of knowledge, experience and expertise from both the public and private sector.


Chair and Chief Executive

Dr Mike More
Chief Executive Officer

Non-Executive Directors

Dr Michael Knapton
Non-executive Director
Professor Patrick H Maxwell
Regius Professor of Physic
Non-executive Director
Non-executive Director
Dr Andy Richards
Non-executive Director
Dr Peter Southwick
Non-executive Director

Executive Directors

Dr Jag Ahluwalia
Medical Director
Sam Higginson
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Ann-Marie Ingle
Chief Nurse
Acting Chief Finance Officer
David Wherrett
Director of Workforce