The Board provide leadership for Cambridge University Hospitals. They are responsible for how the Trust delivers the best care for patients, is efficiently managed, accountable for the budget and has a clear strategic vision for future development.

The Board includes full-time executive directors who oversee the day-to-day running of the Trust, and non-executive directors (NEDs) who bring with them a blend of knowledge, experience and expertise from both the public and private sector.


Chair and Chief Executive

Jane Ramsey
Dr Keith McNeil
Chief Executive Officer

Non-Executive Directors

Lynne Berry
Non-executive Director and Senior Independent Director (SID)
Dr Michael Knapton
Non-executive Director
Professor Patrick H Maxwell
Regius Professor of Physic
Dr Mike More
Non-executive Director
Dr Andy Richards
Non-executive Director
Dr Peter Southwick
Non-executive Director
Dr Pat Troop
Vice Chair

Executive Directors

Dr Jag Ahluwalia
Medical Director
Mrs Frances Cousins
Chief Operating Officer
Ann-Marie Ingle
Chief Nurse
Paul James
Chief Financial Officer
David Wherrett
Director of Workforce