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Car share scheme

Open to everyone who works at the Trust.

Our car share scheme is open to everyone who works for the Trust or those who work on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Contact the access office who will give you a form to fill in and a leaflet containing further details - the electionic form is also available on Connect for you to complete. Once you have completed the form the system will match you with other staff who have registered on the car share scheme who live near to you. You are then sent contact details of the staff to contact so you can make your own arrangements. For example, you might decide to take it in turns to drive, or contribute to the petrol costs of another driver.

A specific area in the staff multi-storey car park is allocated to drivers who bring one or more colleagues to work. This helps people find a space more easily.

If, for some reason, your driver has a change of plan and you might be stranded at work without a lift, the scheme will help make arrangements to get you home.

Tel: 01223 586 652
(hospital extension x 6652)