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Staff discounts

Discounted Megarider and Megarider Plus cards for staff:

Staff can buy Megarider and Megarider Plus bus tickets at a discounted rate directly from the Trust's access office. The ticket cost to staff is as follows:

  • seven-day Megarider ticket: £10.00 (a saving of £2.00)
  • four-week Megarider ticket: £40.00 (a saving of £6.00)
  • seven-day Megarider Plus ticket: £19.50 (a saving of £2.00)
  • four-week Megarider Plus ticket: £78.00 (a saving of £4.00)

Tickets are date stamped to cover the period of purchase, and can be purchased up to seven days before the start date of the ticket. Tickets are not transferable and your name and ID number are written on the ticket. To purchase the ticket from the access office you have to show your Trust ID badge.

If you wish, access can issue you with a separate photo ID badge to be kept in the ticket wallet to save you presenting your staff badge to the bus driver every time you travel.

Discounted train fares for staff
The Trust offers an interest free loan and a discount for season tickets.

For the policy and procedure and the loan and ticket application forms please contact the access office.

> Discounted fares for staff
(link from within NHS networks only)

Tel: 01223 596 060
(hospital extension x 6060)