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Welcome subsidy £1000 and loan package up to £3000 for all UK recruited Nurses, Midwives, ODPs and Radiographers (bands 5&6)
Feeling unwell or injured? Make sure you choose the right NHS service
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CUH nurse scoops academic study grant to develop app to help intensive care patients communicate

A CUH research nurse has won a prestigious study grant to improve the care of patients on intensive care units by developing the use of an app to help them communicate.

CUH welcomes 100 nurses to Addenbrooke's and the Rosie

Here is a selfie taken by some of the 50 or so of the 100 new nurses that have just started at CUH.

Have you had your flu jab?

CUH is encouraging its staff to get vaccinated against the flu to protect themselves and their patients from the potentially life-threatening virus.

‘Nurses are the backbone of the NHS’ : CUH chief executive

‘Nurses are the backbone of the NHS’, our chief executive told the BBC in a interview about recruitment of nurses from Europe