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PET/CT facilities

The PET/CT department is located on Level 2 off the corridor heading to the Oncology/Radiotherapy department.

The scanner in the department is the GE Discovery TM 690 PET/CT system which is a 64 slice PET/CT scanner with time-of-flight technology.

A close collaboration has been formed with the Wolfson Brain Imaging Radiochemistry Department to supply Radiopharmaceuticals for research purposes. This allows the use of C-11 Radiopharmaceuticals which can be produced locally.

Owing to the need to manage capacity on this valuable resource we can only allow access to investigators whose projects have been approved in advance as being suitable for PET/CT by our Research Management Committee.

You will need to fill in and submit the form on the right hand side which will be considered by the committee which meets every month. A response will be provided within a week of the meeting. We welcome enquires for information and have a group of scientific and medical specialists who can help.


Information for researchers

The PET/CT department has set up a Research Management committee to assist in implementing your research project in the PET/CT Department. This committee is comprised of consultants from Nuclear Medicine and CT, Wolfson Brain Imaging Radiochemistry, Lead PET/CT scientist and Radiographer, Clinical Director Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering, Representative from CRUK.

  • A proforma has been designed for you to send to this committee so that we can advise where necessary and process your research project.
  • Please fill out as many sections as possible it will aid our implementation and signing off of your project to begin.
  • Please ensure contact details are clear and correct.
  • If you are seeking advice about the viability of a project and wish to speak to the committee please telephone 01223 349 222 for further information to arrange this.
  • The committee will contact you after their meeting to confirm the approval of your project.
  • A Copy of the Protocol, Ethics, ARSAC and Insurance will need to be kept in the PET/CT department.