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Ward information

A2 - Neurosciences critical care unit (NCCU)

A3 - Neurosurgery

A4 - Neurology / Neurosurgery

A5 - Neuro-oncology / Neurosurgery

C2 - Children's oncology and haematology

C3 - Children’s surgical and medicine for children up to their 3rd birthday


C5 - General Medicine and Nephrology

C6 - Medicine for the Elderly

C7 - General surgery

C8 - Trauma and orthopaedics

C9 - Teenage Cancer Trust Unit

C10 - Haematology and haematological oncology

Children's Day Unit

Clinical Investigations Ward (CIW)

Clinical Research Facility (CRF)

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

D2 - Children's surgical and medicine


D5 - Planned Short Stay Unit

D6 - Haematology and neurology


D8 - Trauma and orthopaedics

D9 - Oncology

D10 - Infectious diseases

E10 - Haematology day unit

Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU)


Eye unit


F3 - Children and young people not requiring an overnight stay

F4 - Acute Medicine for the Elderly (AME)

F5 - Transplant high dependency unit

F6 - Diabetes and endocrine

G2 - Dialysis unit

G3 - Medicine for the elderly

G4 - Medicine for the elderly

G5 - Transplant unit


Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - John Farman Intensive Care Unit

Intermediate Dependency Area (IDA)

J2 - Major trauma


John Farman intensive care unit

K2 - Cardiology

K3 - Cardiology and general medicine

L4 - Colorectal surgery

L5 - Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Lewin stroke and rehabilitation unit

M4 - Urology

M5 - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and ENT


N3 - Respiratory

Neurosciences critical care unit (NCCU)

Paediatric day unit (PDU)

Paediatric intensive care unit (PICU)

Planned short stay unit (PSSU)

R2 - Lewin stroke and rehabilitation unit

R3 - Neuroscience

Rosie wards