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You Made a Difference awards - January 2017

08 February 2017
An acute medicine consultant described as ‘outstanding and exemplar’ and a receptionist who has made a big impact in a short space of time were January’s winners of the You Made a Difference awards.

Chris Adcock received the award for the way his leadership quickly brought a challenged emergency department under control, while Michelle Whiffen was picked out for a number of friendly gestures including the way she reassured a patient’s wife who had dementia.

Chris Adcock receives his award from Roland Sinker and Mike MoreChris is described as making “an outstanding contribution to the Emergency Department” and none more so than on the shift picked out in December.

Describing his actions in this particularly challenging shift, the winning nomination said: “Chris was able to quickly assess the situation, take charge and prioritise patients to be seen and receive care.  As a result the department rapidly came under control, patients were seen in a timely fashion and received great care under his leadership.”

The nomination continued: “One of Chris’s consultant colleagues commented that he has never witnessed such outstanding and exemplar work delivered by a colleague in the most challenging of circumstances and that the sheer volume of patients that Chris was able to care for was truly amazing, especially at a time that the ED is under such extreme pressure.”

Chris commented: “I’m honoured and very much humbled by this award.

“Everything came together on that shift – the medical team, emergency department doctors, the nurses and allied health professionals – and this award belongs to all of them as well.” 

Chris started at CUH as a registrar in 2010 after undertaking a fellowship in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. He became a consultant in acute medicine in November 2013 and continues to work for Magpas Air Ambulance in his spare time.

He is widely respected by his colleagues as being hard working, kind and warm hearted.  He goes out of his way to help others and fully emulates the Trust Values of Together – Safe, Kind and Excellent.

Michelle makes big impression

Less than six months in the role as receptionist in Radiotherapy, Michelle Whiffen landed a You Made a Difference award after receiving two nominations.

Michelle Whiffen stands proudly in front of her colleagues with her You Made a Difference awardMichelle is described as having the gift of putting patients and visitors at ease despite the stress they may be feeling. That was exemplified in the way she handled a patient’s wife who had dementia and was becoming anxious, compassion which prompted a colleague to nominate her for the award.

The nomination said: “Michelle is always helpful and friendly to both staff and patients, going out of her way to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. At one time, a patient's wife who suffers from dementia and had become very anxious and upset so Michelle sat with her whilst her husband was having treatment, holding her hand and quietly calming her.

“This was definitely appreciated by both our patient and the Radiotherapists as we rarely have the chance to take that extra bit of time with our patients and their relatives.  Although she is new to her role she is already acting above and beyond her duties and her communication with the Radiographers is outstanding.  Michelle is an asset to our team and I hope I can continue to call her a valued colleague for a long time.”

Michelle commented: “I’m overwhelmed to have recognised with this award – especially after only being in the job for such a short space of time.

“I didn’t feel like I did anything out of the ordinary – it’s just in my nature to care for patients and their families.”

Michelle joined the Trust in September 2013 as an HCA on Ward F3 and her husband also works at the Trust. 

The other nominations for January were:

Alison  Aiken,  Nursery Nurse,  NICU,  
For going the extra mile to help a colleague

Courtney  Baines,  External and Social Media Officer,  Communications,  
For your contributions towards better communication between the Trust and the public

Franklina  Baros,  Housekeeper,  G5 and F5 (Medirest),  
For your positive attitude and attention to your patient

Evie  Bennett,  Occupational Therapist,  Occupational Therapy,  
For providing excellent service

Andrew  Brice,  Booking Co-ordinator,  Outpatients Appointments Centre,  
For your contributions to the efficiency of your department, and for your positive attitude.

Sarah  Brown,  Housekeeper,  M4 (Medirest),  
For your dedication to your patient's needs, and your positive attitude.

Hayley  Burns,  Staff Nurse,  Ophthalmology - Clinic 14,  
For providing exceptional care to your patient 

Giulia  Campana,  Staff Nurse,  G6,  
For providing excellent support to your patient and their family

Thippeswamy  Chandrappa,  Associate Specialist ,  ENT,  
For your professionalism and kindness

Dorelle  Chaney,  Team Leader,  Occupational Health,  
For the fantastic support you have provided to your colleague over the years

Eduardo  Clapiz,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D8,  
For being cheerful and hardworking and providing excellent care to patients

Corinna  Colella,  Staff Nurse,  Ward F3,  
For providing exemplary patient-oriented care, and your contributions to the improvement of your department's care.

Jim  Copland,  Lead Technician,  Estates (Boiler room),  
For your invaluable contributions to ensure the Trust is kept warm and comfortable this Christmas

Artika  Datta,  Specialist Dietician,  Dietetics, 
For your dedication to your patients, and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Rosemarie  De La Cruz,  HCA,  C8,  
For providing excellent service

Dan Matthew  Enriquez,  HCA (Nurse awaiting PIN),  D8,  
For helping a patient feel welcomed

Marie  Fordham,  Specialist Nurse,  Clinical Immunology,  
For providing excellent care and attention for your patient

Gavin  Fuller,  Pre-registered Scientist,  Molecular Genetics,  
For your consistent hard work and contributions to your team.

Abel  Garcia Sola,  Specialty Doctor,  Medical Oncology,  x2nominations
For going above and beyond in supporting a young patient and family and also supporting the medical team in an extremely difficult situation. 
For your dedication to your work, and for upholding the Trust values. 

Cristina  Garcia-Sueiro,  Junior Sister,  Ward M4, 
For going above your duties to assist a colleague to provide high quality care for your patient

Sally   Gardiner,  HCA,  Ward G4,  x2nominations
For your enthusiasm and dedication to making your ward a pleasant experience for your patients.

Michael  Gough,  Staff Nurse,  D8,  
For helping a patient feel welcomed

Sophie  Graham,  Staff Nurse,  Ward F3,  
For providing exemplary patient-oriented care, and your contributions to the improvement of your department's care.

Carol  Grenz,  Living Kidney Donor Co-ordinator,  Transplant,  
For providing professional and conscientious care

Margaret  Hales,  Diabetes Nurse Specialist,  Diabetes,  
For providing a compassionate service to a patient and their family

Eugene  Harkness,  Priest,  Chaplaincy,  
For providing support and counselling during challenging times

Jennifer  Hawkes,  Paediatric Staff Nurse,  Paediatric Emergency Department,  
For your exemplary dedication and compassion towards your patients. 

Lucy  Horton-Hiron,  Senior Project Manager,  Estates and Facilities, 
 For your contributions in improving the patient treatment environment, and improving the Trust's bed capacity

Alex  James,  Staff Nurse,  Paediatric Recovery,  
For your outstanding dedication and attitude to your work

Piyush  Jani,  Consultant - ENT,  ENT,  
For providing an excellent standard of care for your patient

Julie  Johnston,  Junior Sister,  Ward D10,  
For your professionalism and kindness.

Mick  Law,  Cook,  Ward C2 (Medirest),  
For always having a cheerful attitude

Charmaine  Lee,  Senior Sister,  Ward D5,  
For your exemplary professionalism, and efforts to provide the best care for your patient

Paloma  Maguire Galvez,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D8,  
For being kind, caring and hard working

Adam  Miller,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D8, 
For being a supportive, hardworking  colleague who is always kind to patients

Francisco  Oberiano,  HCA,  C8,  
For providing excellent service

Avril  O'Rourke,  Staff Nurse,  Ward L4,  
For providing excellent care

Caitlin  Patterson,  Staff Nurse,  T&O - Wards C & D8,  
For your kindness and compassion towards your patients and staff.

Bethany  Potton,  Business & Performance Advisor,  Financial Management,  
For your positive contributions towards the attitude and outlook of your team

Miguel  Rego Costa Soares de Oliveira,  Paediatric Surgical Registrar,  Paediatric General Surgery,  
For your dedication to your patients, and helping to make their time at the Trust a more positive experience

Victoria  Sackett,  Bank HCA,  Staff Bank,  
For providing outstanding care, and an exemplary attitude to your work

Agnes  Santhiah,  Staff Nurse,  Main Theatres - Recovery,  
For making a patient's experience under your care pleasant and comforting.

Anand  Sardesai,  Consultant,  Anaesthesia,  
For your professionalism towards your patient.

Gregorz  Sen,  Catering,  C8 (Medirest),  
For providing a cheerful service

Victoria  Shaw,  PA/ Secretary,  Emergency Department,  x2nominations
For your dedication to your colleagues and commitment to your team's morale.
For your contributions towards the morale of your colleagues and the whole department.

Ewa  Sokolowska,  Housekeeper,  DSU L2 (Medirest),  
For your hard work and dedication

Kuldeep  Stohr,  Consultant,  Paediatric Trauma and Orthopaedics Surgery, 
 For your professionalism towards your patient.

Zoe  Stone,  Staff Nurse,  PICU,  
For being a valued member of staff who always gives 100%

Anna Street,  Foundation Year 2 Doctor,  T&O,  
For your exemplary dedication and commitment to your patients and colleagues.

Pam  Stuttard,  Ward Clerk,  R2,  
For always being happy to help, and maintaining your ward's level of service

Dawn  Tilling,  Audit Administrator,  Cardiology,  
For providing invaluable support and always going above and beyond for your department.

Andrew  Tindall,  Practice Educator/ODP,  Theatres, 
 For going over and above in helping facilitate placements for work experience students, ensuring they have a safe and positive experience

Stuart   Wills,  Deputy Senior Team Leader,  Information Management,  
For your exemplary dedication to your work, and for the invaluable support you provide.

Han  Wong,  Consultant Medical Oncologist,  Medical Oncology,  
For your professionalism to your patients and support for your colleagues

Daniel  Wood,  Assistant Practitioner,  PICU,  
For your exemplary demonstration of Trust values 

Hannah  Woodcock,  Diagnostic Radiographer,  Clinical Radiology,  
For going above and beyond your duties to ensure the availability of care for your patient.

Katherine  Yates,  Pre-registered Scientist,  Molecular Genetics,  
For your consistent hard work and contributions to your team.

Hannah  Yeldham,  Nursery Nurse,  Neonatal Intensive Care,  x2nominations
For your contributions to making this year's World Prematurity Awareness Day a success.