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You Made a Difference winners - May 2017

02 June 2017
Nicola Morgan, a ward clerk on our neuro critical care unit (NCCU), received an outstanding four nominations for her can-do attitude and the compassion she shows when dealing with traumatic situations on the ward.

Karen Morfill, Lead Nurse on the unit, said: “We have a saying on NCCU: if you don’t know something ask Nicola – I feel this sums up how crucial she is to the team and I do not know what we would do without her.”

Nicola Morgan stands proudly with her You Made a Difference award in front of colleaguersThat is reflected in the four winning nominations, extracts from which say: “Nicola is fantastic at supporting families of patients on NCCU.  She recently went above and beyond her ward clerk duties to support and comfort a young trauma victim’s distraught family in very distressing circumstances, making an enormous difference to an extremely emotional and upsetting experience. 

“Nicola continuously supports relatives, which enables the Nursing and Medical staff more time to give care at the patients’ bedside”.[MD2

Nicola Morgan said: “I would just like to say thanks for the award. The keyword is team and we all contribute to the successful running of NCCU.”

Nicola became a Ward Clerk at CUH in 2016, having previously been a beauty therapist. She is assists with the daily running of the unit and administrative tasks so that nurses and medical staff can focus more on patients. She has also taken courses in grief and loss so that she can offer relatives support in difficult times.   

Ben's excellence rewarded

A consultant haematologist who “excels in his people skills’ was one of two winners of a You Made a Difference award for May after receiving a nomination full of superlatives. 

Ben Uttenthal, who is the haematology lead for teenagers and young adults, picked up his award from Cambridge University Hospitals Chair Mike More after being described as the “kindest, most patient, conscientious and warm-hearted person” the nominee had ever met.

Ben Uttenthal receives his You Made a Differance cake from CUH Chair Mike MoreThe rest of the nomination read: “He excels in his people skills and is not afraid to show that he cares.  He has become what I consider to be a friend.  Ben is always professional but at the same time remains ‘human’.  He thinks about his patients and plans treatments carefully, always keeping you informed of what will happen next.  In short, he is fantastic.”

Ben said: “I am overwhelmed and privileged to have received this award. I would just like to thank the team as they are just as important as me to the smooth running of Haematology.”

Ben was an undergraduate at CUH before moving to London to finish his training. He re-joined CUH in 2013.

He plays a pivotal role in stem cell transplantation and supports the Lymphoma service.  

The other nominations for May were:

Elizabeth Barlow, Phlebotomist, Phlebotomy
For encouraging patients and reassuring them

Katie Bartram, Practice Development Nurse, JF ICU
For going the extra mile and dedication to patients

Darren Bird, Healthcare Assistant, Ward G5
For always showing kindness and compassion to patients

Cassandra Boccia, Staff Nurse, Ward D9
For dedication to your patients

Maria Bone, Medical Secretary, Cardiology
For your dedication to patient care

Alex Booth, Healthcare Assistant, Accident and Emergency
For supporting your team and your professionalism

Jane Boreham, Senior Sister, Pre-Assessment Unit
For providing kind and compassionate care, and upholding the Trust Values

Elizabeth Brooks, Healthcare Assistant, Lewin Stroke and Rehab/Ward R2, x3 nominations
For going the extra mile and putting your patients at the heart of all you do

Carol Chenery, Senior Sister, Ward C2
For your hard work and dedication to recruiting across Children’s Services

Adam Cobb, Staff Nurse, ICU
For always putting patients first

Jamie Cocksedge, Charge Nurse, Accident and Emergency
For putting patient safety first

Judith Cooper, Midwife Sonographer, Rosie
For always showing kindness and compassion to patients

Lorraine Cuffy, Specialist Nurse, Ward J3
For always treating patients with care and compassion

Ana Rita Da Silva Melo, Staff Nurse, Ward K3
For taking the time with patients

Ann Davenport, Thrombosis Nurse Specialist, Thrombosis Treatment Team
For your professionalism and putting patients first

Dochka Davidson, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Oncology
For always putting patients first

Elizabeth Davis, Therapy Radiographer, Radiotherapy
For going above and beyond to improve the patient experience

Leon Evans, Housekeeper, Ward C4/Medirest
For going over and above for your patients

Georgina Forbes, Senior Sister, Ward C4
For supporting students and staff

Cristina Garcia Sueiro, Sister, Ward M4, x2 nominations
For the loyalty to your work and supporting your patients in making them feel at ease

Charlotte Groocock, Clinic Co-ordinator, Rosie Outpatients
For the support of your team and patients

Helen Gu, Clinic Clerk/Receptionist, Outpatient Services
For going the extra mile with patients

Nichola Hart, Ward Clerk, Ward J3
For your caring and gentle manner

Jennifer Hawkes, Staff Nurse, Paediatric Emergency Department
For your professionalism and dedication to a high standard

Louise Legg, Healthcare Assistant, Oncology
For kindness and empathy with patients

Caroline Lewis, Sister, Anti Coagulant Treatment Centre
For being friendly and punctual in your job

Claire Luck, Junior Sister, Pre-Assessment Unit
For your high standards and caring for your team

Elizabeth Malubay, Ward Clerk, Ward D7
For putting your patients first

Dunecan Massey, Consultant, Ward M4, x2 nominations
For always supporting your colleagues and patients

Katrina McEvoy, Sister, Ward M4
For your dedication to patient care

Brahim Meribai, Housekeeper, Ward J2/Medirest
For professionalism and promoting Trust Values

Emma Nash, Healthcare Assistant, G2 Infusion Service
For supporting colleagues and progress your learning

Vanessa Osborne, Office Manager, Cardiology Outpatients
For caring and supporting your team

Kamal Patel, Specialist Registrar, EAU 3
For supporting your colleagues and patients

Stephen Pye, Training Manager, Care Team/Learning and Development
For your support and kindness

Romel Reyes, Healthcare Assistant, Ward L4
For you compassionate and caring attitude

Annie Rivera, Sister, Ward D7
For supporting your patients and team

Sebastiao Rodrigues, Domestic, Ward D4/Medirest
For your high standards and attention to detail

Marianna Rodrigues, Staff Nurse, IDA
For being caring and compassionate

Nadia Schoenmakers, Consultant, Endocrinology
For your professionalism and patient centred care

Sheila Shorter, Physiotherapy Assistant, Ward M5
For your kindness and empathy with patients

Lorna Smith, Staff Nurse, Ward M5
For your professionalism and patient care

Claire Sperring, AsepticTrainer Technician,  TPN Pharmacy

Hayley Stoneman, Junior Sister, Ward J3
For your support and kindness

Christine Sullivan, Staff Nurse, Surgical Discharge Lounge
For your kindness and empathy with patients

Jennifer Townsend, Healthcare Assistant, Ward C7
For always putting patients first and showing kindness and compassion

Annie Webb, Booking Co-ordinator, Cardiac Physiology
For your continuous dedication to patients

Sophie West, Healthcare Assistant, Ward D6
For the dedication to your patients

Amanda White, Senior Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy
For putting patients at ease with your caring and gentle manner

Audrey White, Student Nurse, Ward C5
For the dedication to your patients and your professionalism

Emma Williams, Pharmacist, Pharmacy
For your dedication to patient care