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Improving the birth experience in the Rosie

09 February 2016
On Monday 1 February, patients and staff gathered in the Rosie Hospital’s delivery unit to officially re-open the birthing pool room, which has been upgraded thanks to funding of £37,200 from Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT).

Some mums-to-be find that sitting in water can aid birth, and the Rosie’s midwife-led birth centre, for women who have not had any complications during pregnancy, has a pool in each of its ten rooms.

However, those experiencing more complex pregnancies are seen on the delivery unit where the one existing pool room was little used due to cramped conditions, outdated facilities and lack of soundproofing.

Thanks to charitable funding, the room has now been upgraded to improve dignity, privacy and satisfaction for these women.

Jan Butler, Amanda Cahn, Kristy Harden and baby Jordan, Stephen Davies and Claire Parker

The room has been completely refitted and now boasts mood lighting, blackout blinds and flameless candles, to create a serene atmosphere. The new birthing pool is state-of-the-art and medical supplies such as gas and air equipment are stored in accessible cupboards. This all helps to create a home-from-home atmosphere while retaining the safety features of a clinical setting.

The Rosie team liaised with representatives from the Cambridge Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC), staff and patients to ensure that the room would be purpose-built for the needs of women in labour.

Jan Butler, Consultant Midwife said: “Our old facilities were uninviting and not fit for purpose. Now more women who have higher risks identified in pregnancy and are able can use the birthing pool, giving more choice about how and where they have their babies. This will improve satisfaction, help reduce stress so they are more likely to give birth naturally and therefore reduce the need for caesarean sections. We are so pleased and so grateful to everyone who made this possible.”

Patient, Kristy Harden said: “The pool room felt so peaceful and relaxing; it would have been wonderful to be there for my delivery. It feels and looks more like a spa facility than a delivery room. I think everyone has done a fantastic job of making it into a very tranquil place to give birth.”

Stephen Davies, ACT’s chief executive said: “We are very grateful to everyone who supports the Rosie through fundraising or gifts. The pool room is an example of how the generosity of our supporters makes a big difference for patients and their families.”

To find out more about Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust and how you can support Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie call 01223 217757, email hello@act4addenbrookes.org.uk or go to www.act4addenbrookes.org.uk