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Trust Improvement Plan

07 March 2017
Our Improvement Plan, which was developed with our staff, brings together multiple plans to improve delivery and efficiency of services.

Following the announcement on 22 September 2015 of the results of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) report and the recommendations of NHS Improvement, the Trust was asked to produce an Improvement Plan to set out how and by when we would address their concerns and reduce the amount of money spent by the Trust each week. It sets out our five priority areas for improvement over the next 12 months:

  • Leadership and accountability
  • Strategy
  • Quality improvement
  • Operational capacity
  • Financial recovery

The Improvement Plan is a dynamic document that is updated on a regular basis to demonstrate progress being made against each action and to ensure it remains fit for purpose and reflective of the priorities of the Trust.

The current version of the Improvement Plan, that includes key milestones and dates, can be accessed below.

We have already acted to address some of the individual issues highlighted by the CQC and are working with our regulators to ensure all the required actions are completed as quickly as possible.

The latest meeting to discuss the Improvement Plan with NHS Improvement was held on 26 May 2016.