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Cambridge clinical trials unit (CCTU)

Research and Development
Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit

Our aim is to work in partnership with researchers to deliver the highest quality clinical trials and clinical research. The unit’s portfolio of studies covers a broad range of disease areas, mirroring the vast spectrum of research interest of Cambridge University Health Partners. More about the CCTU

The CCTU is a founding member of the International Clinical Trial Centre Network (ICN) which aims to improve clinical research by fostering collaborations worldwide to form a unique network of leading trial centres with a global reach, promoting and facilitating the efficient conduct of clinical trials across the world. ICN website

What do we do?

The CCTU works with researchers to conduct the highest quality clinical research, addressing important questions relating to human health and disease.

About our work

CCTU portfolio information

Collaboration Enquiry Form

For investigators wishing to collaborate with CCTU

Contact CCTU

+ 44 (0)1223 596474
01223 256763
Box number: 

Coton House, Level 6
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Hills Road 

CCTU latest news

Funders visit: Translational Biomedical Research funding schemes

Event: Funders visit on 26 June Speakers from WT, MRC, NIHR and CRUK will present their funding streams

CCTU became a member of NCRI Cancer CTU Group

CCTU became a member of NCRI Cancer CTU Group