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Meet the research & development team

Name Job title Telephone
Professor John Bradley R&D Director Dr John Bradley
Stephen Kelleher R&D Manager 01223 217418 Stephen Kelleher
Sylvie Robinson R&D PA 01223 348490 Sylvie Robinson
Glenis Banks R&D Administrator 01223 596395
Sue Bateman R&D Information Manager 01223 348005
Louise Stockley Research Governance Manager 01223 348491
Sonakshi Kadyan Research Governance Coordinator (Division A) 01223 256407
Hannah Haines Research Governance Coordinator (Division B) 01223 349321
Lucy Bennett Research Governance Coordinator (Division C) 01223 348468
Harriet McEwan Research Governance Coordinator (Division D) 01223 256620
Tracy Assari PhD Research Governance Coordinator (Division E) 01223 348455
Rachel Kyd PhD Research Governance Coordinator - Joint CUH (Division D) and CPFT 01223 596472
Jane Gaffa Research Governance Coordinator CPFT 01223 596371
Andrea Sutton Research Governance Assistant (Divisions A&D) 01223 349810
Reema Khoury Research Governance Assistant (Division B) 01223 596420
Mary-Beth Sherwood Research Governance Assistant CPFT 01223 349234
Debbie Richards R&D HR Manager 01223 274660
Gayle Lindsay R&D HR Advisor 01223 348496
Mary Kasanicki PhD Solicitor Consultant 01223 256481 Mary Kasanicki PhD
Tracey Hensman R&D Solicitor / Contracts Manager 01223 349236
Kate Jones R&D Solicitor / Contracts Manager 01223 254411
Evgeny Dmitriev R&D Head of Finance
Simon Brown Financial Analyst