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Based in the Clinical Biochemistry Department of Addenbrooke's Hospital, the Microarray Core Facility is equipped with:

  • An Affymetrix GS 3000 scanner and fluidics station
  • An Applied Biosystems 7700 TaqMan quantitative-PCR machine
  • An Agilent Bioanalyser and nanodrop spectrophotometer

The Affymetrix platform allows scientists to assess the expression of tens of thousands of genes simultaneously in a wide range of model organisms. We are able to provide access to this facility and a full service, from the labeling of RNA samples to the hybridisation and scanning of arrays, on advantageous terms to approved local researchers.

The facility has already been used to investigate obesity, hypertension, immune regulation and ovarian cancer.

Additional funding has been secured to develop this core facility further and in the near future additional facilities will be announced.