Rosie birth centre

Peace, tranquillity and joy

Welcome to the Rosie birth centre

  • Birth centre entrance

    The main entrance is located on Robinson Way. There are emergency drop-off points here, but people are advised to park in the patient and visitor car park opposite the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre, and walk through to the Rosie Hospital.

  • Birthing pool and wet room

    Birthing pools are available in every room. Many women gain comfort from relaxing in water during labour and often stay in the pool for the birth of their baby. Each also has its own en suite with shower and WC – Women may choose to sit on an exercise ball in the shower during labour.

  • The room

    There is mood lighting and music systems available to stimulate a home-like environment. Equipment such as birthing balls and slings assist help women remain upright while in active labour

  • visitors during July open day

    A fold-down double bed is available for women to rest on with their new baby while staff organise the discharge

Our philosophy


We believe the well being of women and their families come first. Our philosophy of care is grounded in the belief that each woman’s labour and birth is unique, special and a celebratory occasion.


Rosie birth centre is run by experienced midwives and maternity support workers. They provide a midwifery-led service where actively labouring women receive one-to-one midwifery care that is always kind, safe and excellent. We believe that by supporting and facilitating an environment that is caring, calm, private and peaceful we enhance feelings of safety and security in labouring women. By creating this atmosphere and building trusting relationships with women and their birth partners, we are optimising conditions for natural childbirth to occur.


Service information


The new Rosie birth centre is designed to be used by all women who are receiving midwife-led care and who have enjoyed a pregnancy without any complications and who are expecting to have a normal birth.




Latest news


End of an era – and a new beginning

The first baby has been born at the new Rosie birth centre.


Rosie birth centre opens 3 September

The East of England's newest birth centre opens on Monday 03 September.


Rosie Hospital main entrance reopens

The Rosie Hospital's main entrance and reception on Robinson Way was reopened on 14th August.



Tel: 01223 217003


Box: 242

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,

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Visitors should park in the Treatment Centre car park or the main hospital car park.


See the Finding us section for more travel and parking information.