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Introduction to Neonatal Services


Welcome to the Neonatal Services at the Rosie Hospital. On behalf of all the staff within Neonatal Services, congratulations on the arrival, or imminent arrival, of your new baby.


The services are part of a network of neonatal units which all work to provide the same high standard of medical and nursing care to sick and premature babies throughout the South East Region.


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The Neonatal Services at the Rosie consist of a number of departments; the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU),, and the Community Team. All of these departments are interlinked and work together to provide the best possible care and treatment.


At the Rosie, as an active member of the regional network, it may be necessary to transfer a baby to another unit as part of their normal care pathway, thus providing optimal specialist care at all stages of the baby's stay. The Regional Transport Team (ANTS) will be responsible for the safe transfer of such babies.


Introduction to website


As staff within the Neonatal Services at the Rosie, we recognise that hospitals can be a very frightening place. This website has been created to alleviate some of the worries and answer some questions you may have as parents with a baby or babies on the NICU or the SCBU.


As a parent, is it natural for you to want to be informed and involved in all the decisions, treatment and care your baby receives. It is recognised that the stress and anxiety of having a sick or premature baby may make it difficult for you to take in and rationalise some of the experiences you have and some of the information you receive; it may also make you hesitant in asking further questions.


Away from the intense environment of the clinical area, the website is designed to provide you with easy access to further information about your baby's condition and care needs and thus enabling you to feel more able to be involved in the decisions made on treatments and the care provided. It also provides a variety of support services information for parents and suggests ways you can best help your baby, encouraging active and effective team work between parents and staff.






Alison Beavis: Junior Sister, Neonatal Unit, Rosie Hospital


Hannah Burgess: Junior Sister, Neonatal Unit, Rosie Hospital


Topun Austin: Consultant, Neonatal Unit, Rosie Hospital


Equally all of the staff and parents who have very kindly contributed to the website development by providing information, constructive feedback and for their continuous support, and encouragement.



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Contact us:

Tel: 01223 217 677
(general enquiries 0900 to 1700 hrs)


NICU direct line: 01223 256 939


The nurse caring for your baby will be able to update you on their progress when you visit the unit or by telephone. You can telephone the unit at any time day or night.



SCBU direct line: 01223 256 939



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