The Rosie tour

Get to know the Rosie with our video tour

( 9 mins 50 secs) Text version

Further information:

> What to bring

A list of essential items to bring with you to the Rosie when you are in labour.


> How to access the Rosie when you are in labour (Map and directions)

The main entrance to the Rosie is on Robinson Way where drop off points can be found. The main car park for the Rosie is the Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre car park.


> Visitor parking

A concessionary ticket costing £3 is available on the day of your baby’s birth from the Rosie reception between 07.30-17.00 Monday-Friday and from the ATC reception outside these times.




Many thanks to all those involved in the production of this tour video, both patients and staff.

Grateful thanks to the Friends of the Rosie for their financial support.

Thanks to the Maternity Services Liaison Committee for their assistance.


Produced by Media Studio, Cambridge University Hospitals.







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