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Building of the Hills Road site

Foundations of the New Hospital - 21 Aug 1959 Preliminary Site Works looking toward Long Road - 21 Aug 1959 The new roundabout on Hills Road, taken from the approach road to Addenbrooke's new site Outpatients opened on 23 October 1961 Outpatients Ward block (c1961) X-ray block (c1960) Foundations of the new hospital (c1960) Hills Road construction, Stage I (c1960) Aerial photograph of the hospital as it was in 1972 when Stage II of the building had been completed

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Building The Rosie Hospital

Side view of The Rosie after completion The Rosie Hospital - May 1996 The Rosie - July 1999

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Modern day

The archive continues to collect artefacts and images of the hospital. These include contemporary photos taken of staff, patients and services for our hospital publications and related news stories. Many of these are taken by our Media Studio Department working with Communications, who have strict policies about obtaining consent before photography.


Copyright: if you wish to re-use any of the photos from our archive, please contact The Archivist for further information.


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