Addenbrooke's Archives

Mission statement

To locate, collect, preserve and list all historically-important material and artefacts created and used by Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie Hospital and its related organisations, and to provide access to them in compliance with national legislation and existing guidance.



Collection policy

The Addenbrooke’s Hospital Archive primarily collects records of long term legal, administrative, epidemiological and historical value produced by Hospital, including those of predecessor bodies.


As the hospital grows and develops, the Archives has an essential role to play in ensuring that as well as preserving the historical documents and artefacts of the hospital and its related organisations, it also encourages the continued deposit of material worthy of permanent preservation.



The aims of the archivist are to:

  • manage the collection at this recognised 'place of deposit'

  • develop the use of the Archives in the hospital, academically and to local interest groups

  • raise the profile of the archive both within the hospital and in the local community

  • ensure its growth and development for the future




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