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‘FAB’ donation speeds up inpatient eye tests

14 February 2017
Inpatients at Cambridge University Hospitals who need urgent eye tests but are unable to leave their wards now have access to a quick and efficient assessment, thanks to funding from local charity ‘Fight Against Blindness’ (FAB).

Clive Fisher, CEO of the Royston-based charity, presented a ‘Wheelie Ward’ suitcase full of diagnostic equipment to Louise Allen, consultant paediatric ophthalmologist at CUH, who was delighted to receive the equipment on behalf of the Ophthalmology team.

Clive Fisher, CEO of Fight Against Blindness (FAB), presents the 'Wheelie Ward' suitcase to consultant Louise Allen and Liz Hunt, associate director of operations Many patients, particularly children, may need eye tests on intensive care units, but are too unwell to travel to the clinic.

Currently, eye doctors have to borrow devices from the eye clinic and carry them up to the wards and theatres to examine inpatients. The ‘Wheelie Ward’ suitcase overcomes these issues by having a duplicate, mobile set of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment in a protective case.

FAB also funds a cognitive behavioural therapy clinic at Addenbrooke’s for families affected by childhood sight loss.

Louise Allen commented: “FAB’s support has enabled us to improve our assessment and care of ophthalmic problems for in-patients at Addenbrooke’s and the department is very grateful for the charity’s continuing support, particularly for children and families affected by visual loss.

“Having this mobile ophthalmic diagnostic equipment greatly benefits patients as we are able to assess them more quickly on the wards.”

Clive Fisher added: “FAB is delighted to support Louise and the Ophthalmology team at Addenbrooke’s, and would like to thank those who gave donations and grants to purchase this equipment.”