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You Made a Difference - April

26 April 2017
Poppy Howe was picked out for a You Made a Difference for April after receiving an amazing five nominations for an innovative project to ease the anxiety of children undergoing radiotherapy.

Being very artistic, Poppy, a therapy radiographer, asked if she could paint the paediatric radiotherapy masks, used to immobilise children during treatment, with a design asked for by the children – the first of which was a wonderful Iron Man mask. 

Poppy Howe stands proudly with her award in front of colleaguesThe winning nomination said: “Poppy has started - and is now leading - a project to decorate radiotherapy masks which are used to immobilise children for their radiotherapy treatment. 

“It is an exciting new development which will hopefully go some way to alleviating some of the anxiety the children often experience about having their mask made and wearing them throughout their treatment. 

“Poppy has gone above and beyond to enable a very frightened and anxious young patient to receive radiotherapy without general anaesthetic by decorating his face mask as Iron Man, as she learnt that he loves the Iron Man movies.

“Poppy researched which paints would be suitable for the radiotherapy machines, and purchased her own acrylic paint, and painted the mask in her own time at home and it looks amazing. The young patient was so pleased and absolutely delighted to see the shell had become an Iron Man suit and now looks forward to coming to his treatment.”

Poppy, who received her award from CEO Roland Sinker, started at the Trust as a student in 2009 and has progressed to her current band 7 role. She is extremely patient focused and is a dementia champion. 

R3 Healthcare assistant recognised 

A kind-hearted healthcare assistant who goes out of her way to help her patients in neurosciences was a deserving winner of a You Made a Difference award for April.

Joanne Fox received the award from chief executive Roland Sinker after a nomination that highlighted her going above and beyond to help her patients not once but twice in one day.

Joanne Fox receives her You Made a Difference award from Chief Executive Roland SinkerThe winning nomination said: “Joanne is always kind and caring towards the patients on the Clinic and Ward R3.

“If a patient is lost she will always be happy to accompany them to the correct clinic. She will also help a patient to get to the Courtesy bus stop and wait with them to ensure they get on the bus safely.  Joanne is always willing to help her team in any way she can, always with a smile and a kind heart. 

“On one occasion she went above and beyond her role to assist two patients. One patient had arrived on the Clinic in error, he was very anxious that he would not be able to make his way to the correct clinic due to his health condition, but Joanne calmed the patient down, and reassured him that she would assist in getting him to where he needed to be. She also phoned through to the Clinic to advise that the patient was on his way and may be a few minutes late! 

“On the same day, Joanne then also assisted a patient who – due to his immobility - needed assistance in getting back his car after a Clinic appointment.  As Joanne didn’t want to trouble the portering staff as it was a busy time of the day and there was a possibility that the patient may be waiting for a while, Joanne located a wheelchair and assisted the patient to his car.

Joanne joined the Trust in February 2005 as the first HCA employed on the then new neurosciences clinic on R3, having previously worked in the corporate field.

Her main roles are supporting patients, recording observations, supporting the trained staff and generally ensuring the Clinics are well maintained and occupied by the correct Clinician.

The Department has progressed from having only a small number of Clinics to now working to full capacity with eight consulting rooms and a small Day Care Unit.

Organising eight consulting rooms as well as the consulting staff was a feat in itself, but Joanne encompassed this with the passion that still continues in her role to this day. She is currently working towards her Band 3 competencies, which will further expand her skills as a Healthcare Assistant. 

The other nominations for April were:

Filipa Andrade, Staff Nurse, Ward C8
For your dedication and care towards your patients                         

Magdalena Bak, Healthcare Assistant, Ward M5
For your hard work and care                         

Lina Bakaite, Staff Nurse, Ward G2 (OPAT Service)
For making your patient feel safe and confident in the treatment you provide                                

Marie Barclay, Healthcare Assistant, Ward L2
For providing excellent care                          

Ilene Cannon, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Oncology
For going above and beyond to provide care and support to your patient                            

Ana Carvalho, Junior Sister, Ward D8
For your support to your team                                   

Mathew Cherian Pathalil, Shift Technician, Estates and Facilities
For your professionalism, and for always going above and beyond to help your colleagues                      

Tora Clark-Ward, Senior Midwife, Rosie
For the support your provide for your patients and staff                               

Nicola Day, Senior Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy
For providing compassionate and excellent care to your patients                            

Ana De Sousa Peres, Ward Sister, Ward M4
For being helpful at all times                          

Elsje De Villiers, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy
For providing excellent care and professionalism                             

Joana Dos Santos Pereira, Staff Nurse, Ward C10
For providing a reassuring and professional care to your patient                             

Vickie Edwards-King, Housekeeper, Medirest
For your care and attention towards your patients                            

Charlene Floate, Heathcare Assistant, Ward C8
For providing kind and compassionate care                                     

Ellen Gunaseelan, Junior Sister, Ward L2 x2 nominations
For providing excellent care                          

Michelle Harrington-Smith, Healthcare Assistant, DSU
For your commitment to your patient and their family                                  

Nikki Hart, Administrative Co-ordinator, Ward J3
For your hard work and always being willing to go the extra mile for patients and relative

Agnieszka Kmiecik, Healthcare Assistant, Ward M5
For always being cheerful and inspiring to your patients                              

Jo Law, Medical Secretary, Trauma & Orthopaedics
For the support you give to your team                                  

Lena Loia, HPB Clinical Nurse Specialist, HPB Surgery Division C
For your hard work, professionalism and going above and beyond in your role                              

Carla Lopes Figueiredo, Staff Nurse, Ward F6 x3 nominations
For your kindness and compassion towards patients and colleagues                                              

Pavla Malohlavova, Staff Nurse, Day Surgery Unit, ATC                                   

Elizabeth Malubay, Ward Clerk, Ward G3
For your pleasant and friendly attitude                                  

Christie Minj, Clinical Fellow, Oncology
For providing excellent care and attention to your patient                            

Nicola Morgan, Ward Clerk, NCCU
For your professionalism and always going the extra mile                           

Trudi Morrish, Healthcare Assistant, Ward J3
For your kind and friendly attitude                             

Emma Nicholas, Staff Nurse, General Medicine
For your professionalism and excellent demonstration of Trust values.                               

Sarah Jane Osbourn, Clinical Audit Coordinator, Clinical Audit Team
For your work in the improvement of your department, and the support you provide to your colleagues                           

Ella Pettitt, Healthcare Assistant, Paediatric ED
For your positive and helpful approach to your role                          

Katrina Quinn, Senior Sister, MSEU
For your exemplary commitment to your patient, and going above and beyond to provide quality care                            

Sandra Shaul, Ward Clerk, Ward F4
For always being cheerful and welcoming, and for the support you provided during a staff shortage                                

Mohammed Saeed Sheikh, Staff Nurse, Ward C8
For helping to make your patient feel confident in the care that they are receiving                         

Chanita Somton, Physician's Assistant, Phlebotomy
For your professionalism, and for always being eager to help your colleagues                               

Matthew Stirrup, Healthcare Assistant, Urology
For the excellent support you provide to your team                          

Hayley Stoneman, Junior Sister, Ward J3
For your kindness and cheerfulness                         

Tiago Verissimo, Charge Nurse, Cancer Assessment Unit
For going above and beyond providing compassionate care for your patients                                

Micheala Williams, Staff Nurse, Ely Day Surgery Unit
For your exemplary demonstration of Trust values, and for the support you provide to your team