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You Made a Difference team award - February

06 March 2017
The team on M4 scooped the quarterly You Made a Difference team award for the “patience, kindness, attitude, cheerfulness and expertise” they showed to a patient who had a six-week stay on the ward.

Presenting the award to the gastroenterology and intestinal failure ward, CUH Chair Mike More and CEO Roland Sinker both commented on the teamwork and “whole-system approach” of the ward which came across so clearly in the nominations they received.

CUH Chair Mike More (left) and CEO Roland Sinker with the team on M4, the winners of the You Made a Difference team award The nomination said: “I was a patient on the ward for six weeks during August 2016 and was constantly impressed with the obvious commitment to team working.

“At a time when the daily news headlines were about doctors' strikes and NHS underfunding, staff continued to care for their patients, going the extra mile to relax me when I had extreme pain and ensuring that I always received fast and extremely sensitive care.  The feeling that it was a team extended from the domestic staff who brought meals, to the cleaners, the health care assistants and the different grades of nurses.

“Creating a working environment like this is a major achievement and I felt all contributed with no obvious 'big cheese'.  I believe everyone should be proud of what had been achieved. All of these qualities were immensely reassuring to me as a patient who was not well and frequently nervous about the outcome of my stay in Addenbrooke's. Experience elsewhere has not been as positive - 10/10 definitely! Thank you.

The team on M4 are committed to the prevention, diagnosis and management of all types of digestive disease and disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease (Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis), gut motility, GI bleeds, intestinal failure, nutrition and eating disorders and intestinal transplantation.

The ward staff (nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants and ward assistants) work closely with all members of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT), including nutrition nurses, dieticians, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) nurses, endoscopy and pharmacy.

The other nominations for February 2017 were:

Breast Clinic - Receptionist, Nurse, Radiologist, Consultant
For your dedication to providing high quality care to your patient 

Breast Unit – All staff
For creating a supportive environment where your patient can become confident in the care that they receive 

Nicolas Gamazo Bombin and his team, including Nishadnee Kandasamy, Rashmi Mittal, Animol Zacharias and Heather - Clinical Research Facility Satellite Unit, 
For your contributions to improving the efficiency of your department 

Discharge Planning Team
For your invaluable service to the Trust, and your exemplary work ethic

Division C Senior Clinical Nurses
For leading the efforts to improve the patient flow through the Trust

Catherine Houlston, Gill Brown, Oliver Mallindine, Dominika Pich - Practice Development Team,  Division C 
For your dedication to providing the best support to your colleagues and staff members, 

Division C Practice Development Team x2 nominations
For providing excellent support for your colleagues

Sarah Oughton, Ellen Gunaseelan, Chloe Patterson, Suzanne Young, Llanah Monteiro, Jackie Deans, Marie Barclay, Ewa and Javid (recovery) - DSU Admission 
For providing outstanding care, compassion and efficiency

Stephen Wallis and Catriona Davidson - Emergency Department
For providing an excellent standard of care

Flu vaccination Team - Giles Wright, Victoria Seddon, Courtney Baines, Rachel Thaxter, Rebecca O'Shaunesy - Cambridge Health at Work/Communications and clinical staff
For your contributions to staff health and safety, and exemplary demonstration of Trust values, 

Haematology Trials Team – All staff   
For your exemplary demonstration of Trust values through your enthusiasm and dedication to your work.

Pete Fleming (Shift Facilities Manager), Steve Gill (On Call Engineer), Marcin Lis and Mathew Pathalil, (Shift Technicians), Kate Barnes (Medirest)
For your efficiency and professionalism in ensuring the Trust is able to function to a high standard 

Symeon Nicolaou, Ramani Samuel, Sonja Mansfield-Smith - Ophthalmology
For your professionalism

Strategic Sourcing - Procurement
For your contributions to finding ways to save money for the Trust

Radiotherapy Team
For your fortitude and perseverance to pull together in order to keep providing high-quality care, during difficult times in your ward 

Grant Carroll, Liam Southerton, Sean Nightingale, John Cornell, Gavin Lennon  - Security Team x2 nominations
For your vigilance and fast response, which resulted in saving a patient's life

Sean Nightingale, Grant Carroll, Liam Southerton, John Cornell, Peter Flemming   Security Officers and Shift Facilities Manager  - Security and Estates 
For your vigilance and fast response, which resulted in saving a patient's life 

Callum Points, Lucas Dolecinski, Mel Moore, Nicole Spreadborough, Fran Alsop - Orthopaedic Booking Team, Senior Booking coordinators - Surgical Services 
For going above your duties to support your department during staff shortages  

Ward C3 - All staff
For maintaining a high standard of service, even during times of personal difficulties amongst your team

Ward C9 - All Staff
For providing professional and compassionate care 

Ward D8 – All Staff Kim Newman, Ella Pettitt, Martin Stansfield, Ana Alontaga, Chloe Stack, Josie Storey-Joyce
For going above and beyond your call of duty to provide care for your patients 

Alex Boden, Bindhu Philip, Dr Chinga Chileshe - Ward D8 
For providing excellent care and support to your fellow staff member

Ward D9 - All staff
For providing excellent care to your patient

Ward F4 – All staff
For providing excellent care to your patient in their final weeks 

Ward G2 – All staff - especially Anna Mayhew, Everline Otieno, Biji Paul
For giving your patient the confidence in the standard of care they received

Ward G6 - All staff  x2 nominations
For going the extra mile to provide care for your patient 
For providing an excellent standard of care to your patient and their family

Ward J3 - All staff
For always being professional and delivering a high quality of care even during times of high pressure on your department

Ward K2 - All staff
For providing outstanding service